Yamaha Water Pump Repair Kit 6CJ-W0078-00

(Rubber Parts, Impeller, Gaskets, Seals for Yamaha Outboard 70HP)

Yamaha Water Pump Repair Kit 6CJ-W0078-00

OEM P/N: 6CJ-W0078-00

Inside tools
Overall number: 18
Bolt (90119-08M33): 2
Bolt (90119-08M14): 2
Stainless steel impeller cup(63D-44322-00-00): 1
Stainless steel gasket(6CJ-44323-00-00): 1
Impeller J183(6H3-44352-00-00): 1
Black rubber water seal damper (663-44366-00): 1
Gasket 1(6CJ-44315-00-00): 1
Gasket 2(6CJ-44324-00-00): 1
Gasket 3(6CJ-44316-00-00): 1
"0" ring(93210-46044): 1
Pin (90280-03M03): 1
Oil seal(93101-23070): 2
Cylinder-shaped dowel pin(93604-10M03): 2
White cover(63D-44312-00): 1

Our company offers you outboard motor water pump replacement parts and marine pump repair kits. Besides the Yamaha water pump repair kit 6CJ-W0078-00, we are offering impellers with hundreds of models compatible for the motor brands like Chrysler, Force, Honda, Yamaha, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Mariner, Mercruiser, Nissan, Tohatsu, Suzuki, Yamaha, with the power range from 2HP to 300HP.

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